Idea + Progress

Through exploring lots of User Generated Content made by fans of various things, I came across the YouTube Community, a group of online video bloggers, who have huge amounts of subscribers and viewers. After watching some videos, I realised that there were certain groups that had the same fans.

Interested in fantasy, books, sci fi.
Doctor who
Rock music
Ukelele songwriters
Social Issues
Content creators: Both male and female (mainly male) 20+
Audience: Mainly female (some male) aged 18+

Most well known youtubers surrounding fan community: John + Hank Green, Charlie McDonnell, Alex Day.

“Beauty Gurus”Interested in make-up, fashion etc.
Beauty/fashion hauls
Content creators: Female 18+
Audience: Female 15-20

Most well known YouTubers surrounding fan community: Pixiwoo, Emma Pickles, Zoella, Fleur, Tanya Burr.

“YouTube New Wave”
Young British Vloggers
Interested in popular music
One Direction
Life stories
Crossovers from other groups.
Largest fanbase
Content creators: Mainly Male 18+ good looking
Audience: Female 13-17

Most well known YouTubers surrounding fan community: Marcus Butler, PointlessBlog, Danisnotonfire, AmazingPhil, Zoella, Charlie McDonnell, Crabstickz, KickThePJ, Jack and Finn.

I decided to settle on the new wave of British YouTubers, because I was intrigued as to why they do have a larger fan base, when the content itself is not necessarily good. Also, they appear in each others videos a lot and are interconnected. They seem to be very commercial and advertise each other and have marketing strategies of their own.

Large Tumblr Presence.

As the YouTubers are interconnected – allowing for “shipping” and “OTPs”

A lot to work with

Basic fan made material on tumblr


Simple minded fans

Arguably shallow – eye candy

Doesn’t require as much understanding of surrounding culture compared to other groups – ie. would have to have deep understanding of doctor who or make up. Just have to pretend I like One Direction to fit in.

YouTube Test

In order to test the water, I quickly created a low quality YouTube video of two of the most popular youtubers – shipping name “Malfie” (Marcus and Alfie).
Slow mo topless. Playing on shallowness of following. Test reaction.

250 views. 1 comment.

Would need to market it further to get a better reaction. Get a following of my own. Difficult to self promote on YouTube. Twitter doesn’t have a large amount of fans who appreciate fan made material.

TUMBLR – the way forward.

Plan of Action – create own tumblr account posing as fan, follow other accounts, reblog material, gain followers, then start creating own material.

Successful Material – gifs, images, fanfics.
Videos aren’t very successful.

Tumblr name: “malfiephandom”
Why? Marcus + Alfie = Malfie
Dan + Phil = phan
shipping – pairings name combination. common in tumblr names.

fit in.

“Real” name: Becca
Why? Common teen girl name

Included in bio: What YouTubers I like, I like One Direction, I follow backWhy? Attracts followers. common interests. allows them to gain a follower when they follow me.

What to reblog: gifs, images of youtubers
Why? fit in with others. make blog appealing to mass.

Who to follow: fan accounts that blog anything to do with YouTubers, with youtuber names in their names, bios etc.
Why? encouraging follow backs similar interests. blog the same things


Creating gifs

Screen shots from videos

Photoshop animation



start posting

Notes escalating – reblogs

20-200 notes

continue generating followers

receiving messages – “Hi! I love your blog!” etc.


221,100 views approx

1257 posts



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